Under RESEARCH ADVANCEMENT & INNOVATION, participants will have in-depth updates through technical presentations by Universities, Engineering & Research organizations and industry. Pilot and demonstration projects will corroborate the level of research advancements and the latest innovations. The audience will have the opportunity to learn from these experiences and exchange with speakers and peers.

Research Advancement & Innovation Program
Wednesday, February 7
Room: Square Dorchester
8:30 - 10:00
Research Advancement & Innovation
Session Chair: Olumoye Ajao, NRCan/CanmetENERGY
“Bioconversion of lignocellulosic residues by anaerobic processes"
Elizabeth Edwards, University of Toronto
''Experimental and techno-economic assessment of an integrated process for wood barks valorization''
Adrien Faye, National Research Council (NRC)
10:30 - 12:00
PANEL: Alternative renewable fuels for transport
Opening: ''Key initiatives of the Governement of Canada''
Jim Carr, Minister, Natural Resources Canada
Session Chair: Jean Hamel, FPInnovations
Panel 2: Alternative renewable fuels for transport
In its 2018 edition, the organizing committee of BIOFOR International Conference is committed to underline the importance of the alternative renewable fuels as one of the solutions for a sustainable development of transportation. It is therefore with a great interest and pleasure we appealing to your expertise and engagement in this area to invite you as panelist in a round table that will spark some creative thinking and potential reliable, convenient and competitively priced solutions about alternatives to fossil fuels for the Canadian transportation sector. The expert panelists will debate on the most advance science and technology on the potential alternatives such as biofuels, natural gas and electricity along with addressing the issues and challenges associated with quality standards of these alternatives and their sustainability, existing and future laws and regulations, government incentives, readiness of the transportation sector, etc.

Fred Ghatala, Green Aviation Research and Development Network
Geoffrey Tauvette, Fuel and Environment, Westjet
Keith Lawless, Business Sustainability and Improvement, Air Transat

13:30 - 15:00
Research Advancement & Innovation
Session Chair: Peter Milley, Queen’s University
''Artificial Intelligence for Renewable Energy Management at off Remote Sites''
Devashish Paul , BluWave Inc., Artificial Intelligence for Clean Energy, Canada
''Experimental, techno-economic and environmental assessment of lignin fractionation''
Olumoye Ajao , NRCan/CanmetENERGY
15:30 - 17:30
Research Advancement & Innovation
Session Chair: Olumoye Ajao, NRCan/CanmetENERGY
''Lignin Properties: Towards Standardized Methods, Protocols and Policies''
Jeaidi Jawad, NRCan/CanmetENERGY
''Global optimization of bioproduct portofolio management in the biorefinery''
Ludovic Montastruc, INP-ENSIACET
''Apparent structural hydrophobicity of cellulose nanocrystals''
Charles Bruel, École Polytechnique
''Hydrophobic surface modification of CNC by cationic surfactant rheological insight''
Dhriti Khandal, École Polythechnique

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